Tradsource is your one-stop guide to textile sourcing and supply chain management. Our customers are primarily from the United Kingdom & Europe. Our services portfolio includes development and designing of products, sourcing, production planning, follow up merchandising, factory audits, quality assurance, auditing for social compliance and shipping coordination. At the heart of it all is our ability to negotiate the best possible price on your behalf.


We have more than 10 years of experience in Pakistan. During this time span, we have managed to develop partnerships with the best vendors in the country. The association has been very fruitful for everyone concerned. We understand that buying patterns change on a consistent basis, so our product management teams works round the clocks work to gain access to new promising avenues. We are among the most capable service providers in the market and the work we do depicts all that and much more.

Production Development

Price is not the only aspect of competition. We offer differentiation and creativity and that are the hallmarks that have turned into major advantages for our customers. When collaborating with our vendors, we make sure our distinctive new and unique products keep on being the focus of everyone’s attention.


We communicate with our customers and suppliers on a daily basis and that is what tells us all that we need to know about our customer’s needs. Our team of highly dedicate professionals monitor every step of the process very carefully. That helps us in terms of guiding our sampling and production process accordingly. Our technical team is available to deal with any unexpected issues that might pop up.


Quality is right at the heart of our business. This aspect deals with us communicating and ensuring we give our customers the kind of service and products they want. There several measures that we implement to guarantee high quality products.

  1. Initial production check
  2. During production check
  3. Final random inspections
  4. Loading supervision

Production Planning

We plan and decide delivery time lines with suppliers and inform customers about that. We make sure that the schedule is met and there are no delays. Our team follows up with suppliers on a daily basis to implement and execute the proposed plan right down to the letter.

Factory Evaluation

We select our vendors keeping in view what our customers need. The plant selection process consists of us making sure that the factory meets international guidelines. Compliance Audits: We work with independent auditors and if required, conduct our own audits to ensure that standards are met.